We offer these in plain grey or decorative colors and textures.


New Lawn installs

Seed or sod, your choice. We will grade your lawn optimally and make it beautiful.


Retaining Walls

We install any size retaining wall. (Timber walls, boulder walls, block/paver walls)


Mulch & Stone Delivery/Installation
We can deliver or install any amount of mulch or stone in any location. If you would like us to create a new planting bed, we can do that as well.


Trimming and Pruning
Ornamental shrubs, bushes and evergreens will be pruned or sheared three (3) times during the season as needed to ensure a neat and professionally maintained appearance. Ornamental shade trees will also be pruned. Tree suckers, shoot growth and tree limbs impeding walk ways and parking areas will be pruned as needed.


Planting Bed Maintenance
All flower beds, ornamental mulch beds, tree rings and other planting areas will be maintained at every visit. This also includes weeds in the seams and cracks of sidewalks and curbs. All weeds will be removed either manually or through the use of herbicides, which are not harmful to the plant materials located in the shrub, plant, and mulch beds. This service shall be done in conjunction with each lawn mowing visit to guarantee a clean, pristine appearance throughout the year.


Property Clean-ups
The very first and last service we will perform on the property is a thorough clean-up of the grounds. All lawn areas will be cleared of leaves, branches, twigs, garbage, etc. All mulch and flower beds will be cleared as well. The parking lots and walking areas will be thoroughly cleaned to prepare for winter services.

Where to Find Us:

Ground Effects
3805 Ridge Rd

Deerfield, WI 53531


Phone:(608) 692-6912

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