Lawn Mowing, Trimming and Edging
All lawn areas will be mowed every seven (7) days during the growing season. The height at which the lawn will be mowed is based upon grass types and conditions such as rain and drought during the growing season. Mowing height can be adjusted upon request. During each mowing, trimming shall be performed around all buildings, structures and other obstacles within the lawn areas. All debris such as garbage, twigs, branches, etc. will be removed from the lawn area prior to mowing. The lawn clippings will be mulched back into the turf to assist with providing nutrients for the lawn.

Lawn Area Fertilization and Weed Control
There will be four (4) separate and specific applications provided. This service will be performed in the early spring, early summer, early fall and late fall. These applications will be granular in nature and will consist of pre-emergent herbicide for control of grassy weeds as well as a broad-leaf weed control. When needed, an iron supplement with micro-nutrients will be added to improve hardiness. The final application will consist of a quick release nitrogen fertilizer to promote a strong root system throughout the winter and to ensure early spring green up.

Grub Control
In the late summer, a granular insecticide application for chemical control of general grub populations will be performed. This application will ensure that the lawn areas are not invaded by grubs and the animals that feed on the grubs.

All accessible lawn areas shall be thoroughly core-aerated to eliminate compaction in the soil and promote healthier root structure in the lawn. There will be passes over each area in two (2) separate directions to ensure all areas are thoroughly covered.

All accessible lawn areas will be de-thatched in 2 directions to ensure proper coverage. All thatch will be bagged and removed from site.

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